About Us

Mission Statements

The African Community Council for the Regions exists to create and maintain an efficient and effective user-friendly service that aims to alleviate and improve ill-health and economic deprivation, remove the barriers to social, educational and vocational achievement, and combat the disadvantages, discrimination, unemployment, hardship and distress of African individuals and Communities.

Aims And Objectives

The ACCR is an umbrella organisation for all African people and their communities in the West Midlands region. The Charity was established in October 2000, in response to the absence of culturally sensitive services for African Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Immigrants living in the region.

The Charity will help to improve the quality of life for African people living in the West Midlands region, principally by addressing health needs and advancing health education and awareness. Through self-help projects, seminars, education and training, the Charity will alleviate poverty and socio-economic deprivation, and provide people with appropriate opportunities for entry into the labour market. The ACCR will also help to create, support, maintain and develop projects and initiatives which allow aspiring African individuals or groups to set up their own businesses or income-generating projects.

The Charity works in partnership with local, national and international African groups. It facilitates and supports collective devlopment whilst at the same time encouraging each African organisation and/or individual to promote their own particular culture and skills.


We require the help of Volunteers with a huge range of tasks, including administration, maintaining this website(!), marketing, researching the local African-Caribbean community, fundraising, translation and mentoring Clients. We are committed to the support and further development of our Volunteers.

Fundrasing & Donations

The ACCR relies on individual donations, grant-giving bodies and donations from Companies and Businesses to maintain its services. Any donations you can make are greatly appreciated and used responsibly to maintain and further develop our services.

If you wish to make a donation to ACCR you can write a check made out to ACCR and send it to:

The ACCR, Prospect Hall,
12 College Walk,
Selly Oak,
B29 6LE T

What We Do

  • Carers Support and Grants
  • Community Development
  • Health Promotion
  • Employment and Training

Access to advice
and support with:

  • Immigration advice
  • Welfare Rights
  • Debt
  • Housing