The Women’s inclusion


The project was to empower women through language and communication skills to identify areas of their lives that they wanted to improve. These workshops supported the women in identifying their goals and aspirations and how they could practically attain them.

The workshops also looked at the role of women and for them to explore what they wanted as women and the personal barriers to their development. Therefore the sessions looked at Women in the Home, Overcoming Barriers to Becoming More, Women as Leaders within their Communities and Developing Confident Women.

On final day, the women celebrated of all that they learnt on their journey and some guest where invited to highlight the value and contribution of this ‘hard to reach’ group.

The outcome of the programme was to enable women in their roles of carers, mothers, wives etc. In terms of learning more about British life, these women were given an opportunity to become more self-aware and confident about overcoming perceived barriers within and without the domestic sphere.

This is what some of the women had to say after the programme:


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