ACCR celebrates the life of a great humanitarian and a great African

Today we are celebrating the life of Nelson “Mandiba” Mandela who has now passed from this world and is at peace after a life of noble sacrifice on behalf of his people and the world’s people.

To many of us, Mandela will always be a shining example of love, compassion, forgiveness, reconciliation and great humility in even in the hours of victory over the darkness that humankind so sadly and misguidedly wreaks upon itself at times.

We are tinged with sadness at his passing and we hope that Africa and Africans everywhere can keep alive the love, compassion and wisdom that his life and actions embodied as a true and noble African man and try to live up to the example that he has given to us all.

Blessings and peace upon Nelson Mandela, his family and all Africans and the world community as a whole. May we all work together for the good of all people regardless to our race, our creed or our country.

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